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Underhell fan made piano track - And the Dead Man Dreams

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The beginning sounds a bit like the beginning to Underhell's piano track for a reason. It's a fan made track (I'm that fan.) meant to describe Jake's life in just a simple range of notes. I spent a couple weeks of on and off work writing it. All that's left is to edit the velocity of the notes, which I'm actually having a friend do. He wants to help me with this, and honestly I'm tired. I can't finish the song yet, so he's doing the velocity editing. I'll upload the new version when he's done.


I finished this version of the song a couple weeks ago (I think. It might have been just last week...) and I am REALLY proud of it.


My only worry is that it may sound to close to Tom Stoffel's work, seeing as it was subconsciously thinking of Underhell that allowed me to write this. I decided I was writing it about Underhell about half way through writing.


It's supposed to represent the entire story at once. I think you can tell what the high pitched part of the song is about. No spoilers needed there.


Anyway, I'm ranting. I'm just gonna post the song. Have fun, and tell me what you think!

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