Nightmare House 2 Crashes at Startup

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I downloaded the Nightmare House 2 mod from Desura. Everything seemed to download and install just fine, but everytime I try to run the game via the Steam client it crashes. I get through the We Create Stuff logo and the Nightmare House 2 logo, but once the title screen begins to load the game crashes and I get an error message.


I attached a screen capture of the error message.  


Can any one help find the root of this problem and get the game working right?


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Getting the same error for Nightmare House 2, as well as Hellsound Dreams. These are the only two mods I cannot get to work since whatever Steam did when they updated. 

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Found a fix for this problem,  Do this:


1. Download the latest version of gcfscape (I use V1.8.5) from: http://nemesis.thewa.../index.php?p=26


2. Open the tool and go to File -> Open. Navigate to SteamApps\common\Half-Life 2\ep2. Open ep2_pak_dir.vpk and the folder script


3. Drag surfaceproperties_ep2.txt into steamapps\sourcemods\NH2\scripts


Now try to start the game, it works for me but I can´t guarantee that this fix will work for you. I have those games/tools installed:

I only think you need: Half Life 2: Episode Two and the free tool Source SDK Base 2007 which can be downloaded through steam.


- Half Life 2

- Half Life 2: Episode One

- Half Life 2: Episode Two

- Source SDK

- Source SDK Base 2006

- Source SDK Base 2007

- Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer

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You still won't be able to play the game since there are more crashes up ahead.


Yes there are two crashes, one when you first get a gun and the second is at the end off the game.
You will also have errors in materials and models, at least I had.
I found solutions for the first crash and the missing materials and models.
Haven´t solved the second crash so if any of you solves it, please reply here.

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