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Oculus Rift Support:

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Hello everyone :D


Im just curious if Underhell has Oculus Rift Support or not.


Are there any plans for it to have Rift support?



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It may require some additional work through for stable experience, IMO.

Not to mention that the game itself needs some heavy optimization work before they even think about implementing VR headset support. I'd imagine the choppy framerates most of us experience when playing Underhell would be not only immersion-breaking, but also incredibly disorienting for a player using the Rift.
Choppy framerate?

The fuck are you talking about?

I don't possess a powerful rig but I play it on 180

FPS on High Settings without a snatch

And don't talk of everyone if you are the only one experiencing certain problems

The only problem

I ever experienced was not being able to set the shadows on high quality.

And it isn't even the developers problem. It's Source Engine problems

The engine might be optimized with some technical features to match modern game engines, but let's not forget how damn old it is.

This is also an exact reason why Source 2 is in the development

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