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Firstly, I believe I can safely divide "Her" existence between two personas: the nightmarish one and the real-life one.




1) The nightmarish persona - the hallucination present in The House and Chapter Two beginning


In my opinion, it's simply PERFECT. Scary, creepy, gloomy and you know. Amazingly fills it's purpose. The only thing I'd like to see improved is the animation of her catching Jake.


Oh and why I'm so sure it's just a hallucination? It's because Jake wakes up every time she catches him.




2) The real-life persona - the real wife of Jake Hawkfield AND her ghost - the real one, which we haven't seen yet


Generally, it's not completely bad in my opinion, but can be MUCH better.


Firstly, her face. I don't know if it's just me, but she looks just... weird. As for the photo, it seems that her face placement in relation to her neck (and maybe hair too?) is kinda unfortunate. And about her game model, the face is kinda strange too. I think it's because it lacks details and has an unnatural shape around the chin.


Secondly, it's her uniform. I hope that in the future chapters, we're gonna see her in not only this classy dress. In general, I just hope that her look will match her personality eventually.


Don't get me wrong. After completing the whole game I just don't want to remember her as simply another disturbing girl from cheap horror movies (yes, in this case it's all about the uniform).




Oh and one more thing. I don't want this post to look like I'm criticizing developers' work. I clearly understand that we're just getting started and the whole game will eventually be seriously polished before hitting the Steam release.

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Her living model's face looks really ugly and weird because you're not meant to see it during the one or two cutscenes she appears in.


You're right! It's a shame that I wasn't able to figure it out myself earlier :P


As for her photo, it's fairly obvious that Photoshop or another image editing program was used to give her a more realistic, Japanese appearance, as she is of Japanese descent.


This is not what I mean. Her face alone looks just like it's supposed to. I was talking about the strange (in my opinion at least) placement of her head in relation to the neck.

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I for one, would approve of seeing Jake's Wife in a T-shirt and jeans.


Sarcasm seems to be strong with this one :P


To clarify, I don't really care how she would be dressed in next chapters (some flashbacks or something?) as long as it won't be only asian horror style dress along the whole game. This uniform just doesn't fit her in my opinion. For the nightmare version it's perfect, but for the actual Jake's wife - not so good if you ask me.

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