BIG ISSUE *NH2 Does not works correctly, Scripts doesnt load, WHITE (not purple this time) missing textures, No HUD and no Mini Cut-scenes

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i downloaded the game a few months ago, recently i started to play it and now im in Chap 5 "dead signal" but since the prolog i´ve been  noticing some minor issues at that moment but when i play it from Chap 1 to where i am, things got worst.


first theres no HUD of NH2, when i pick up the axe, health bar and flaslight does not appear and when i have a gun the ammo shows as the HL2 style ammo hud but the NH style, i didnt mind it but i will not know how much health i have or ammo. Then in some parts on the floor theres is a WHITE texture, a white square on the floor which cunfused me cuz i never saw white missing texture in a source mod or game i know the purple ones but white?. And the worst part, scripts, when in some specific parts of the game, a zombie is suppose to get up and attack, it basically i havent use my guns on anything yet ...yeah i havent killed any monster in the game. not counting the prolog zombies which in fact in the normal version they are headcrabless no headcrab but theres another glitch in my game that make them have headcrabs and i have to kill them too. scritps does not load so that means no zombie door or zombie jumpscares and finally in the hallucinations parts when a blurry image is suppose to show up or idk... a blurry tone. NO theres none of that in my game just a white light in front of me in that parts.


So...................i´ve been looking for help with this weird and inusual issue but i dont have any solution theres no tutorials no forums with this kind of topic so i guess this is a new kind of error or bug but what big one! this problem is not letting me play this as i expected cuz it ruins the game atmosphere and jumpscares......................So any suggestions?


ill show some screencaps




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