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Hi  guys, this is my first post and I am so nervous :). anyway I love underhell very much and would like to help make it better by this ideas for the game. so let's begin!


1.So, this is survival game and still you magically carry around 5 weapons and I don't know, 40 items? my suggestion is adding backpack. you would get backpack from hermit or finding it and then you can carry around many items, food, etc. now weapons. since in prologue Jake is wearing swat uniform he must have holsters for weapons. now in chapter 1 you are given security guard uniform with baton and glock. and you can carry 5 weapons. it would be good if you could find weapon holsters in security rooms. oh and grenade holster after PMCs arrive.(since guards don't use grenades)


2.So we all know that chapter 2 takes place in city. so it would be more realistic if there will be kids. and chance for someone to voice act him/her :)


3.Better kicking. when I was kicking somebody they didn't have reaction except for sound. so if kicking would knock back somebody it will look very realistic and will give you a chance for a shot, or just to escape. also animated reactions will make kicking even better. for example if you kick PMC in stomach area he will bend and put his hands on stomach or something like that. and if possible when you kick zombie or PMC in leg he will fall. I think this is possible because I have stun gun in gmod and when I shoot let's say g-man he becomes ragdoll and after some time becomes npc.


4.Carrying. I mean REAL carrying. for example when you need to bring memory card to workshop and press USE key on memory card Jake will pick it up with left hand  and will hold let's say glock in his right hand. like in crysis, but with weapon at the same time.


5. Original weapon menu and HUD for the game. A.K.A removing half-life 2 HUD


I think that's all for now lol. Also expect more threads from me, I am pretty much going to resurrect forums :D and sorry for LONG.ASS.POST


EDIT: Another suggestions: Enhanced leaning system like in graw 2 where you could lean not only left and right but you could lean over. tactical as f*ck


When you open doors they just open(LOL). but if you could hold down use key and then move mouse forward you would push door and open it slowly. if you move mouse backwards you would pull it and close it. this would be useful in stealth situations in chapter 2 (if its taking place in the city and if there is one). imagine going trough the place undetected then you open door and soldier is like "surprise Muthafucka!"


soldiers are really dumb because they don't open closets when they see you hide in there and they just come and look at you. it would be good if they could open closets if they see you hide in one.


Pushing. it just doesn't feel natural when zombie is chasing you and you can't do anything when you don't have weapon. so it would be animation and will give you some time to run or do anything you want. or instead of push add punch. like it is in cry of fear.


add more brightness to glowsticks


stealth kill animation.


C4. you can throw or stick it to anything. it would be so much fun sticking c4 on enemy's butt and detonating it lol.


better gibing system (if that's how its called). you can just decapitate arms legs and head. it would be cool if you could decapitate forearms too, same for legs and also always exploding head is kinda annoying. add damage system for head and when it takes too much damage it will explode.


add some reading materials we can read in chapters too. there were sh*tload of books in chapter 1 but they were just lying on shelfs.


in chapter 1 guards were just sitting in the safe house and waited for players to do all the job. so after completing quest for character you could ask him to follow you and help you out. now of course this will not be applied to all characters.(maybe some kind of dialogue system like in fallout?)


I found sound files that were reactions to player shooting npcs (or kicking them... who knows) but couldn't shoot any allies at all, while you could in prologue. so adding ability to players to do whatever they want is a good choice.


ability to drop a freaking melee weapon.


alright. better to stop before something happens and I will have to re-write this comment again. I know this is too much, but I am not saying that I want all this to be added with the steam release. maybe in the future. when source 2 comes out and all this will be actually easy to do. What do you think about this suggestions Mxthe? and you guys share your thoughts too, I really want to know.

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