Underhell Roleplay - Garry's Mod NS1.1 Serious Roleplay

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For you guys who enjoy Roleplaying and cannot wait for Chapter 2. Let us present UnderhellRP to you.





So what is it about?

This is just a short introduction of the community. At the moment we only have one server with multiple maps that can be changed under Events. The main map is the prison from the A.R.C. You will roleplay as a Inmate in the prison until you apply on the forum and after gaining alot of experience you can apply for accses to Security and Medic.


Sounds intersting but how can I try it?

Too at all be able to join you would need Garry's Mod and some knowledge about serious roleplay. If you have that you're ready to follow the How-To-Join Guide press the link under:

You might also want to registrate at the forum to stay updated:



Clanof20 - Mapping part

Datamats - NutScript Plugins Development

Major. Evan Lorne - Scheme Development



Before you start screaming in the reply's. Clanof20 got permissions from Mxthe for modifying the origninal Underhell maps (Atleast he says so he got permission before he got removed from his Steam Friend List). Also I did not see any place where that said you could not publish threads about a Underhell Based Community, So I hope it's okey. Feel free to contact me for anything.

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OMG underhell server like cs jail break. Man... i can't thank you guys enough for making this. Too bad my pc broke :(

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