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Today is a big day. It's Mxthe's birthday. A man who has patience i have never seen before. He never gives up and always gets the job done. He had a dream to work in game dev team. Everyone has. And he does now. He did something to deserve 10x more. And that something is called underhell. Even though he was only one left in team he didn't give up and didn't lose hope. He planned it for almost a decade and in 2011 prologoe was released. Everyone was amazed how great mod was. And after 2 more years with little help he blew everyones mind with chapter 1. He delivered and keeps delivering masterpieces. Insurgency, and story mode for dangerous rays. He even made fricking hl2 ep3 maps and a mini game that could be #1 on the web, but i don't know anything about it. You are a great man and i wish your dreams come true and wish you everything good. Happy birthday jeremy faucomprez.

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