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For me the console key was the big shiny button on the front of my pc case. When I press it loads of console-ish looking text appears on screen then windows boots up.

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You have a SHINY button?

:holys: I waant..

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I honestly think this is the future of where truly mobile computing is going. If I wanted a netbook I would buy a netbook. This is perfect for what it is, and more importantly what it is not.

, android watches phone , I am trying to find some information on the blue tooth headsets. some people are saying they are safer than using the phone against your ear but some advice states that the frequency of the headset is as bad if not worse? can you help with this one thanks.

, android paid apk , android is wow

, android sdk install

I didn’t try all of them but is awesome.

, samsung android phones , While this hack is interesting I mean, pretty ingenious using the audio jack as a modem I dream of having a keyboard for my Touch. I travel all the time, and I have absolutely no desire to drag a netbook around with me. If I feel like leaving a little baby keyboard on my motorcycle or in a hostel or hotel room while I trudge around, I can use my Touch for casual communication and surfing with the on screen keyboard. If I intend on making a serious blog entry or long email, I’d stuff the little keyboard in my bag.

, android m release date , Six digits Eh? Hmmmm, a date perhaps, someone’s birthday or anniversary or whatever.

, android lost.dir

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