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Let's talk character redesigns

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With talk of Underhell possibly being moved from Source to UR4, it makes me think what our favorite characters would look like with new, custom made assets and models. I've been rummaging around some ideas and I think I have a good picture of what our character's outfits will look like.

First off, I believe both the security guards and the PMCs should be wearing the Interceptor Plate Carrier Vest. This baby is standard issue in the U.S. military and has seen extensive combat. It also comes with optional attachments such as shoulder and thigh guards as well as a crotch pad. I think the Security Guard variant should be grey-brown and have the white "SECURITY" text on the back and for the PMCs it should be all black with a crotch pad and shoulder-guards. Also, for the PMCs, an S10 British gas mask with an Enhanced Combat Helmet. Tell me what you think.

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