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Hello everyone, just wondering if I can interest anyone in Decay Source Revival Team, which as you can probably tell is a team dedicated to remaking Half-Life: Decay into the Source engine. We've already got some really top-notch team members in (including the inimitable Rassmoosen, RaraCerberus, MisterDigitalGuy, and Jackathan of Half-Life: In Deep fame) but I don't see any problem in looking to add a few more to the family.

Currently we have 12 team members, which coincidentally is also the number of maps we have to remake. I've decided to make a start by using the original GoldSrc maps as a base and working around those by porting them into the Source engine and replacing parts as I go along before giving them over to the team to apply the "fine strokes" of the piece.

So if anyone's interested in giving us a hand finishing off the final expansion in the original Half-Life series and giving it a fresh lease of life (with a few upgrades obviously), you know where to call.

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