What would you do with the Portal Gun in real life?

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1.I would place one in an erupting volcano, then put one on the moon... RAINING LAVA.

2.Make a continuous loop and then drop something in it.

3.put one on a wall, then point a fan in it and put in the middle of the desert. one on the bottom of a plane, then put another one on the ground and throw eggs in it. YAY :)

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One in antartica. One just above the O-ZONE.

One in my room. One on the computer chair. I don't know why. Fast? It's those darn stairs..

One in the sink one above my cat XD Naw she loves water. Not My male cat though....

One on the under side of a plane. The other I would decide once I made it to the furniture store. Raining Futons! Nooo.. Pet shop... Raining cats and dogs. Then I would poof them back. Cause I love animals..

One at the library one on the front door. Walk through the door, REad some books. Walk home in a single step.

One be in between the home base and pitchers pad thingy at wrigley field. I would then put one in front of my tv. Turn to espn, And fly into the field. Scare the players. They used to be good. Now they ain't.

One on an IMAX Screen and one in my back yard. Spray all those people watching 3d movies.

That's all. May thing of more.

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Foamy said:

...You think you would find the prezidents brain in MAH pants?

Okay,unlikely,as it don't exist. But i bet i know where Amelia Earhart went. :proud:

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You know, if you gave a bunch of people a Portal Gun, the world would probably be destroyed within 15 minutes. Or at least a few casualties. Some idiot is going to flood the world with the oceans. Or teleport a school to space. Or make a portal on the ceiling , one directly below it, and jumpt into it [and burst into flame after a few cycles]. Or something.

I would probably just carry around a foldable large piece of paper. Put a portal on it, fold, put in backpack, voila, portable door to wherever you want. You'd need to go to the actually destination and plant a portal there first, but whatever.

Actually, better than a foldable piece of paper, put it inside your coat.

...I wonder what happens if you put portal1 inside your stomach, and then jump into portal2.

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