Problems with level 37 and a glitch

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Sorry if this has already been reported.

I'm getting totally stuck once I am in the center hallway withe the blue energy field on top and bottom.

I just can't get the speed needed to get out of that area on time.

Every once in awhile I seem to be able to get the speed needed to get in, but I have tried over and over and over and over. I just can't get out of there.

It's getting to the point that I am wondering if it is my machine, though I am playing it from two different computers and am stuck in this spot on both of them.

I have timed it where I have a running start, put myself as close to the edge as is possible and dashed after a close timing call.

The glitch I have found comes when I am pushing the three blocks from the upper left corner down to those two levels. After I pass them over the level where you shoot the portal where the shield was removed, I will position one of those blocks over the trap door to the blue energy level and find that I can routinely slip myself down to the blue energy level through the closed trap door!!

That way, at least I ONLY have to run through that area ONCE. Which of course brings me back to my problem, I can't get through this area.

Any advice? I'm going crazy!

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