portal: the stand alone version!!!

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hello guys that play portal

this is a guide for playing portal on your pc

(if done it on firefox)

1)download the stand alone version of shockwave

the link-->http://www.megauploa.../nl/?d=56LWYCMA

2)get on a site where you can play portal like W.C.S. or newgrounds

and make that the little menu is open:and click the last one


now you wil com up thislol.jpg

and click on media now you wil you be on this placelook%20swf.jpg

and look for a swf file select it en and click ''save target as''

now you can select where it can be found click on the file to play it

p.s. you have to start over :sad:

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easiest way I know how to download flash is this:

go to a site like NG

open the movie or game you wanna get (for NG in a new window)

press ctrl+F and search for .swf

if you'll find anything without an url before it you should probably just forget it. if you get an url however, copy it.

open something like html-kit or something and enter the link tag

((link text goes here))

then right click and save target as.

you're done. here's your flash. go ahead and enjoy your desktop version which might work a lot faster (portal tfv does with me). some stuff can be protected. examples are the yuyu and castle III part D. you can totally forget about those. as far as I know there's absolutely no way to get those.

I think it's a bit like what's explained here but it's the way I figured out. btw you can use notepad instead of html-kit but this is usually pretty hard (when I open it with IE or firefox the tag apparently won't do any longer)

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b-a-e-r_NL said:

that saves the whole page and not only the swf-file

Didn't you notice the .swf in the end of the URL?
It saves only the .swf (flash) file, and that's the way I downloaded it.

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oh sorry I didn't see that

it was actually what I said but you gave the link instead of anyone having to make a link tag himself. well done though

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ok.. i got the .swf file but i still can't play, it says i need a appropriate program, although i already downloaded a standalone flash player.

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