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Hen7 said:

I like Valve's better. ... Shirt.html

Btw talking about shirts, Me and Ido got two awesome shirts from Newgrounds and some cool stickers. :proud:
I will post a pic if someone will want.

Haha yeah Valve's is pretty cool, loving the back of the shirt particularly.
As for your shirts from NG, post please =D

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Since Hen made it the official cool shirts thread, first here's my NG shirt


for some reason it came out orange, but it's like this http://www.newground...t_parachute.jpg

and since hen included his, I want to show off mine too.


I love Newgrounds.

Also I have an HL2 shirt says "I'd rather be in City 17" that I made by myself once, a BFG shirt (Doom), a "Your reading skill has increased by 1" (WoW) shirt, and more stuff I got from Jinx. I'm awesome.

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