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this forum rocks. users are a bit less active than in zadarider, but the main users are 5 times as much! the main user on zadarider, Idog (no I don't mean you ido :) even tho it sounds quite like it) and modare, were inactive most of the time. Modare made a regular post once in so much time, but Idog never made a post exept if it was about an update.

they released the game line adventures (a sort of line rider with pause function) but idog left it and Vap (the actual programmer) wanted us to pay for it if we wanted to save. I didn't, just immediately recorded the track when it was done.

anyway, the main users in here (ido and hen) are obiously more active than Idog and Modare ever were, and I really love that. the other users are a bit less active as I said, but that does no longer matter. zadarider is closed now, anyway.

who else has heard from Zadarider (or have even been member)? I was i-love-madness-combat in there (and I still love madness combat, informatively)

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it's some sort of linerider game. it's now changed its name into line adventures, which I mentioned in the 1st message. I only play the beta versions, those are easiest to use I think.

you know linerider right?

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