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    Improved HUD

    Hello, I finds that the HUD where a bit too much misplaced, so I made some improvement on it Changes: Replaced "health" and "armor" texts by "SMOD-ish" icons. Bigger and properly centered digits. (that was my huge concerns about this HUD) Smaller widths for Health, Armor and Ammo elements. Moved ammo and secondary ammo digits for smaller width and "SMOD-ish" style Moved the secondary ammo element above the ammo. A bit smaller Stamina bar to fits to the new widths of the Health and Armor elements. Flashing red health/armor when taking damage. All elements flashing red when the health is low. (with heartbeat speed) Click on "show" button to see the hud preview gallery Download (dropbox) Just unrar the folders in the main folder of Underhell If you see weirds symbols instead of the health and suit symbols, go to the following folder: "steamapps\common\Half-Life 2\hl2\resource" Grab the file valve_"your language".txt and copy it to "steamapps\sourcemods\underhell\resource" Then edit it with your notepad, press ctrl+f to open the search window and find and replace those lines by those ones: "Valve_Hud_HEALTH" "+" "Valve_Hud_AMMO" "" "Valve_Hud_SUIT" "*"
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    Forum Rules

    Like many places, a community needs a few guidelines. Please read this at least once, whether you’re new or not. These few ‘rules’ will keep it cool around here, as well as keep your user in a good standing. Be nice to the new folks. We’re a small community, don’t scare new people away. You can be extremely pleasant and post a nice ‘welcome’ message in their profile. Explain to them how everything goes here, and link to this thread. If you’re a new member, hi :3 Spam, Bump. This is obvious, but forgotten so many times: If you have nothing to say, move along. If you want to reply in an old thread, consider it is most likely outdated, both content-wise and user-wise. Best would be avoiding posting in an old thread. Then again if you just have to, please add a good reason with your post, it might help us understand what’s that topic doing up again. Replying to such silly comments (spam/bump) is unnecessary as well. Just follow the next step: Reporting spam, bots, and abusive users. Every post have a little report button under it. Use it wisely to report the moderators and admins on users who misuse our nice little community. We will warn spammers before using the banhammer. You don’t have to report on every single spam post you see though, for this, we have the following: Reputation system. We have enabled a new reputation system in the boards. Every post can be rated one up or down by every other user. This post rating eventually counts up in the poster’s profile. This is meant to encourage quality posts, with some thought put into them rather than spam. Piracy. Go ahead, download porn games, but don’t post it here. You can even PM it to each other, but we cannot allow it in public. Thanks anyway. Other things: - You can set your Member Title (appears under your avatar) through your settings if you have over 250 posts.
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    Forum Rules

    Ok. Threads that aren't working (aka the OP is the primary poster) => locked.