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  1. Holy freakin ROFL x 10 WTF was that, I don't even know but I loved it LOL This mod just gets better and better.
  2. Just wanted to throw my congrats and Excellent Job into the ring as well. I remember playing the original NH, and thinking 'man this is really cool, especially when the girl flashed unexpectedly in the hallway'. Talk about taking things to a whole new level! The story and gameplay were excellent, and I must congratulate your sound guys/gals on an terrific job. The ambiance, timing, and sound effects were icing on the cake to an overall great mod. It takes a very creative and dedicated team to pull of something of this scale, and your work shows. You know its quality when I find myself going 'HOLY CRAP that was awesome!' multiple times thoughout a FREE modification. Oh, and I loved the skybox with the huge moon. Like others have said I think my favorite parts where the shrinking hallway ending with the girl hanging above you, and the swat turned mannequin behind the window. I literally went WTF out loud at that part. Kudos also for all the easter eggs, some of which I found, others I read about here. I did find one that hasn't been mentioned yet, on the bookshelves in the later levels. A nod to a great movie!: Also, among the numerous ones found in the doctor's office/room on the bulletin board, I saw these papers with some times written on them, and what looks like some kind of code. Anyone know what they mean? EDIT: Well the codes are apparently YouTube videos! The first and last ones go to the NH2 Trailer, but I haven't gotten the middle one to work. Anyone else? Still not sure what the times are for... And I have to ask, bc obviously I missed them, what the deal with: 1) Romero's horse? 2) Where can I find the lemonade girl? All in all incredible, excellent, and superb job all around.
  3. First let me say overall good job. I have always been a fan of the single player aspect of FPS, and a good horror theme is never a bad thing if done correctly. 1) First and foremost, at the end with the flashing/floating "slave" creatures that begin appearing in the hallway. VERY WELL DONE! I actually moved back for a second from my monitor like "WTF was that?". Very well timed and executed. The matresses were cool too, and for some reason the wood under the stairs got me as well 2) A few decent jolts, as I said above. I will say this, the environmental and use of sounds was excellent. With my surround sound setup I really felt immersed, and good use of sounds really brought home the horror experience. This is an ofter overlooked piece of the puzzle. 3) Have not yet played with anyone else 4) Twice, once just to play through, and again to gather ideas for another project I'm working on Dont worry its not HL based and I was looking more for inspiration rather than stealing your ideas. Again overall good job. The main lacking point I think was the level design being kind of plain/limited. A good foundation, but almost like a work in progress. A more solid level design combined with the good timing of audio and surprises would have made this an excellent, albiet short, pack.