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  1. i find it weird i passed 32 in like 5 mins , im stuck on 35 i can not get my timing right and i get bad glitched were he runs allover the place for no apprent reason
  2. jbjmax said: hey foamy. im you well know. SO you lied when u went to get into this fourm adn u said u are over 13. liar lair lair.
  3. hahahah that made me laugh im like fk fk fk fk people walking past and theres this gay dude dancing and this annyin shit. haha all good tho. took me.3 of a sec to realise and it was going before the first pop up. i remember those theres heaps of them now days,.
  4. damn i feel old. im 21 im at work now. surfing the net playin games when my boss isnt lookin and doing credit card applications. woooo my company rocks. lol im gettin $40 a hour to sit here and look at things i like and talk to people. how easy is my job Australia rocks
  5. Peter Steele, cause well thats my name. and its got the "wow" factor. like some one with the name Max Power. how cool would that be nick name is either steely, or pete ,Most girls say petey
  6. i herd about it by chance, i was looking for the flash version and i seen a bit that said fourm, and i only registered just to say/ have my say in the other post about what id do if i had a portal gun
  7. i registered just to say what id do. First of i would get in a plane and jump out at like 10, 000 feet. and right before i would hit the ground i would make another 2 portals like 100 meters apart. and i reckon that be wicked cause ud come out so fast and ud be like flying. then when im falling down for the 2nd time id make another 2 portals and keep going from there. another cool thing would be to make a portal on a plane say taking of in australias sydney air port, then make the other portal at san fran sisco, so they get there in like 2 secs. and then let the goverment try to explain that. hahahah be funny as. also id make a portal that reflects the back ground so i could like run flat stick into a brick wall and i come out the other portal. thatd be cool but suck ass if i didnt judge it right and ran into a wall for nothin. heaps of things. jumping of buildings and makin to portals would look cool. so u are jumping back up hahahahahha. how about a reflective portal in the middle of a busy road and all the cars that go through it en up like 500 meters away on the sand banks hahah.