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  1. i just bought portal and i was exited and all when suddenly the game crashes for no reason when i enter any portal! i tried lowering down all of the graphic settings, even the portal render depth, but it still wont work! i went to the steam support website and follow the instructions on how to fix it (add -mat_bumpmap 0 -mat_picmic 2 after the shortcut target, even the mat_max_verticies or somtin) but it still wont work, does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. i found this site from ido's userpage @ newgrounds
  3. lol sry, i didnt realise i bumped, maybe my reply will be the 1st one marked as spam
  4. i think it could be usefull...
  5. S1303: i saw the name S13 from a madness flash, i thin it means sector 13 or somtin, then at the same day my dad bought the apartment 1303 dvd, then i decided to add the 03, so yeah...
  6. 1. I think so 2. yes 3. add more skins 4. not really... 5. pretty much 6. yes 7. yes, mods are required, u should make a moderator application form 8. nope 9. make more valve TFV games 10. sure did, i am thinking of making a video walkthrough