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  1. congratz...I guess:)
  2. What a nice way to make your first post:) Next time you see april fools, don't make a thread about it. Lockage Hammer time:/
  3. 10th happy-est day of my life:]
  4. Well... I had this idea for all the topics that got locked and didn't make sense. It would be a new part of the forums. Things that got locked and were frowned upon will go there. like this one: http://forums.wecrea...topic.php?t=211 Good idea?
  5. Ok guys
  6. bump:o 12 here.
  7. Yeah. On Xbox360. But I'm not on xboxlive D:
  8. I was a god at that. But I can't get it now cause my dad thinks steam is bad because he thinks steam disabled my internet blocky thingy. But there is a rumer that Garry is planning on making a Garry's Mod for the Xbox360.
  9. Happy birthday! Save your money for an xbox360. The orange box runs well on it:o
  10. The new citadel needs to be moar tall:o And where's breen?
  11. Well...I don't know if this has been done yet:/ This has been done in almost every other forum there is. And I mainly wanted to know what you people think of my avatar. The next person to post gets to rate my avatar and signature, And the next will rate his. Like this: Avatar: #/10 Signature: #/10 Get it? Got it? Now start!
  12. 7/10 You was born to frag it:o 5/10 :[<>]
  13. counter strike source:TFV would be great if it had a system where you can make servers and join them but only if you are a member of the forums.
  14. 0/10 no avvy:( 5/10 its not gordon in the tests. It some dood.
  15. Team Fortress 2:TFV is my guess.
  16. Gravity 10 crashed my firefox ;_;
  17. Well... Ido really just cleared this thread of reason. D:
  18. I was being retarded and wanted to find something fun to play, has a good commuity, and makes stuff :3 So....Google FTW:3
  19. Did you get the update? I'm an old schooler on there. Anyway, my friend had some problems like yours. I gave him the update on there and it worked. If you need more info just ask in the SteamPowerd forums.