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  1. Since I'm a music producer primarily, and a graphic designer second - I figured I'd post some music and save graphics for another late night. Myspace #1 is my Production account. Meaning any music on there is reserved for TV/Movies/Video Games. This one is tied to FIXT Music, a Production label owned by Klayton (Celldweller if anyone is familiar). http://www.myspace.c...ndingtostandard --------------------------------------------------------------- Myspace #2 is my electronic dance music account. This one is tied to 3Form Recordings, a record label based in the U.S and Ireland.. http://www.myspace.com/mygraysky --------------------------------------------------------------- Hope you enjoy the tunes, but if not, I won't cry....outloud.
  2. Another new person here. Music producer from Maryland, currently living in NC. Joined the forum because you guys create stuff, and I love stuff. I'll save any other details for later in case anyone is interested.