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    Should I say hello too? Hmm, why not? Moinsen Landsmann. Woher kommste: Norden, S
  2. looks nice. I just hope, I can play it without Ep2, 'cause I don't have it. But with HL2 +Ep1 + Portal, it should work (HL2+Ep1 gives props, Portal newest Sourceengine). But I'm not sure...
  3. Microsoft told at the E3, that there will be a exclusive Version of Portal "Portal: Still Alive" with extra content, abaible at XBox Live Arcade. Today, I found some news: "Portal: Still Alive" should be the official Portal with the Mappack of WCS. So guys, is it true? What do you know about it? Blognews of ChrisRemo about "Portal: Still Alive"
  4. I use SUPER, it's free, converts Video to Audio, Video to Video and Audio to Audio.
  5. The title says all: I am working at a video-walkthrough for the mappack. I am sure, some people get stuck at difficult parts, e.g. the cakeroom. So I thought "there are already mass of walkthroughs of the original Portal and the flash Version, but still noone of the Flashversion-Mappack." So I started today with creating it. Actually, I just have map 1 and 2, the other will come the next 2 or 3 days. The videos are avaible on youtube, later together as one file as a download perhabs. The walkthrough is splittet into the levels, so there will be 5 or 6 videos. I removed deaths and parts of long waiting, where nothing happens. The sound is also removed. I know, thats not the optimal way of finishing the maps and I also know that I made some mistakes but it helps anyway. PS: First post, yay. xD
  6. Yesterday, there wasn't a update of the mappack but today, it's finished! Part4, splitted in 3 (last testchamber was a bit too complex to finish it fast enough) A: B: C: Part 5 is also done: Bossfight and Credits:
  7. I used Fraps, because it was already installed. And you can record more then 30 seconds with the full, without the at top. I don't know all differences 'cause I never used the free version. A friend gave me the install for the full. ^^
  8. I know that the other is finished and my isn't but i started to create the walkthrough yesterday at the morning and it takes much time to beat the mappack, convert the files, edit them and to upload. So I just can make one part per day. But that also means, the walkthrough will be finished Thursday or friday. NeatNit said: Why was sound removed, There are 3 reasons. First: You don't need sound to see, where you need to go and what's to do. second: It takes more space on my harddisk to record it with sound. third: GLADoS and turrets would talk in german. NeatNit said: and how did you record them? Fullversion of Fraps. NeatNit said: (Also what did you use to edit them , most probable answer would be Windows Movie Maker). exactly, was easiest way to remove the unneeded parts.
  9. If you want, you can link it.
  10. Well, it's better to have two or three walkthrough then just one, right? And it much easyer to find a Walkthrough, when the threads is called "walkthrough" then to read 40 posts to find a link. However, Part 3 is up. (I had to split it because of the 10-minutes limit of youtube.) First second