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  1. What do you mean by "overreacted"? I'm just talking about disturbing noises.
  2. Creepy shit in general? How about the distant ramblings of nonexistent crazy people? I was going to suggest whispers, but that's overdone. If you can get some voiceovers of the weird shit that insane people say and then play it in the distance (maybe getting slightly louder at points to give the illusion that either you or they are getting closer) that could be effective. Another idea for creepy sounds: Have you seen The Fourth Kind? I mean, they tell you at the beginning that it shows real footage of "disturbing scenes" (sure, whatever) but holy bawls that shit is DISTURBING. It was a combination of the sounds and images that made it so freaky, but if you can produce sound effects similar to the ones heard in that movie, you should have a great addition to the overall disturbing atmosphere of the game.
  3. I was playing Assassin's Creed for the first time a few weeks ago. One thing that really struck me in that game was just the absolutely horrifying death screams of the people you kill. Even after a group of guards tries to kill you, and you end up massacring them, you can actually end up feeling bad after hearing the last guy's cries and pleads, just saying things like, "help me..." Considering there may be a few "crazy people" in the insane asylum, having you forced to fight and kill them followed by their pitiful cries could be pretty effective.
  4. Nice, Dave! Those are like breaking the fourth wall to scare you. Looks like Hen is skeptical about it, though. The problem with that is if he hides programs like that in NH2, a lot of antivirus software might pick it up and ruin the surprise. EDIT: Jesus, dragon! You better be writing some screenplays.
  5. Someone should start making reaction videos to NH. Something you said about "leaving trails of blood" gave me an idea too. It would be kind of cool if while you're walking down a plain hallway, the walls and floor around you start to reveal more blood on the walls the further you go. So it's like the blood on the walls only appears as you pass by. When you enter the hallway it looks normal, but by the time you're at the end, the entire hallway is basically coated in a sloppy fresh paint of red. Also, I second the choice idea above. It would be cool if NH2 were less linear. EDIT: Scratch that about the blood hallway thing. I'm actually getting annoyed with all the blood ideas and it wouldn't be scary. NH1 hardly had any blood in it anyway.
  6. Nice one, ZeBoXeS. I think it would be creepy if perhaps the lights were still on in the other room when it happens and they go off only after the dark figure notices you and approaches the window.
  7. It kind of just hit me that there's a possibility that you're in the asylum because the main character went crazy (or at least appeared crazy) after the crap he saw back in NH1. Since we don't know anything about the story, I'm just guessing here. But if that is the connection, it would be cool if at first he were just haunted by the memories of that girl and the zombies from the original game. Then they're back. I don't know. It's been a while since NH1, I don't remember much.
  8. Oh shi-! Someone's been watching Shyamalan movies. Twist ending: YOU'RE a zombie! I actually do hope for a really intriguing story line. There are too many scary movies that don't have a point. I'd like to be put into one that keeps me going to find out what happens next and not just to finish the game. By the way, how you put the dinosaur in the game...now I'm sort of into the idea. That's pretty badass.
  9. Oh, I really like the idea of enemies that spawn out of puddles. Even freakier would be if in one room it was raining indoors. That sounds insane to me. All the monsters/zombies randomly appearing behind you is getting really repetitive, so I think that the idea of having them come at you from places you wouldn't expect them to is ever better. The puddle monsters are probably going to be really tough to make, but if you could apply that to having a monster crawling or, even better, charging out from under a cot (because asylums wouldn't provide nice beds) or one of those straitjacket stretchers...I think I'd soil myself. Cool idea, by the way, but that dinosaur is kind of out there. Also, that link seems to be broken. Hey, Hen, any progress on the mod, by the way? I like keeping up to date
  10. Oh god, please grammar check. I really can't understand what you're saying in #4.
  11. ShaolinDave said: Maros said: player comes across a door; door is shaking violently (large banging noises etc; maybe human, dog or some sort of creature) ... player opens door nothing is there. or have someone crying for help instead of seeming hostile giving the player incentive to go and open the door. i like it. ...or what if someone is crying for help, so the player walks towards the door, then the voilent banging starts when they're a couple feet away. only for a couple seconds, then silence. I wouldn't open that door, then
  12. Pretty cool, NightMarr. But I'm REALLY hoping NH2 doesn't play too much off the ridiculously cliched "children are scary" horror ploy. I'm so glad Hen didn't do that in the first one. Even though the main ghost is a little girl, it didn't play on all the overdone scare tactics, like children singing songs in a creepy way or anything similar to that, and I hope the sequel maintains that step above the common horror story and stays original.
  13. Those are some of the best ideas so far, in my opinion.
  14. I'll post here just because there isn't anything better to do now and to hopefully get more people in to check this thread out and maybe get a voice actor. Anything to help the mod progress, I suppose.
  15. Hmmm...where'd everybody go? I'm just checking up on the mod. I hope it's still being worked on. And I just want to say holy crap, Maros, a Salad Fingers-like character would make this mod almost TOO freaky for me to play! I remember losing my mind when I watched some of those videos. His voice still haunts me. Damn that green bastard...