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  1. also what engine did you guys make the portal flash version game on?????
  2. no prob hey can you email me when echoes comes out thanks
  3. now thats the big word... FREE. FREE implements the fact that they can give it away for FREE in hopes that you will buy something EXPENSIVE to make up for it being FREE. but i have heard many good things about Game Maker from YoYo games hey thanks and sorry about the free thing
  4. whats a good 2-d game maker thats free /makeing a game once i find a good engine and any one can help just email me at [email protected] it will be a very good futuristic puzzle and action and horror game thanks everyone
  5. hey guys im new but i was wondering what 2-d engine that most of you use thats free you can find me playing counterstrike 1.6 name unamed-creation i have a very good game idea and i draw anime and guns /halo spartans/ect.... when i make my game anyone can help/cant wait for echoes