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  1. This might or might not be an easter egg, but if you turn right and crouch-jump through the reception desk at the main entrance and head through the door, u find the charred remains of the announcer who promptly asks you to leave. She says something like, "I do not wish for you to see me like this, please leave NOW"
  2. After seeing the number of possible things that could have gone wrong, I do NOT hold you responsible--or anyone for that matter
  3. I think that NH2 was by far one of the best horrors I've ever played. I myself being a small-time SDK mapper, am constantly vexed by the type of strategies that you guys are able to pull off, such as the recurring theme of turning around and a different path being available, or touching a door and having it jet back about 100 feet. Nightmare house 2 also did a really good job of keeping the overall aura of the game fixated on fear, which constantly kept me on my toes throughout the game. Also, the lighting and character choreography was really well done, as were the cutscenes throughout the game. The only thing about the horror scenes that i think could have been done better is that some of the horror "rooms" are a bit predictable. For instance, some of the creepy zombie spawns are predictable; specifically the chef one, because you guys pulled the same kind of trick in the first one. Dont get me wrong, its a great moment, but it was predictable. On the other hand, some of the scenes were very original, such as the mannequin scene (pure genious) and the part where the room slowly closes in on you and you look up and see Emily (and subsequently piss your pants). Also, some of the weaponry realism was off and it bugged me a litle throughout the game, like the fact that it took less time for you to reload an mp5 grenadier than it did to reload a cz-52. The last thing that could have been better is that there were far too many locked doors, which led me, in some places, to wander around aimlesly for a good ten minutes trying to figure out where to go. Other than that, this mod is outstandingly splendid! This has to rank as my new favorie mod for HL2, rivalling korsakovia and Minerva: Metastasis on my list. Here is some of my first time gameplay for anyone who cares, And Hen, I know that this mod wasn't easy to make, and there isnt a whole lot of room in the storyline for a sequel, but I would love to see one come out in the future (I feel that the whole thing with Emily ended a little too abruptly, I hardly even got to know her)--it would make me and a lot of other gamers even more happy
  4. Ha! Thats really funny! If anyone cares I made a video series showcasing my first time playing through the game. Heres a link to the first,
  5. The "Cannot wait much longer!" thing was just a little joke. My Dad wants to play this game too. Hes hoping to play it up in ClearLake. Hes working up there, living in a house that someone from a church said he could stay at. Hes staying up there for 2 weeks. I think... So, are HOPEING... Just... hoping to release somewhere IN those two weeks? The NH2 Status report is making it sound like that. .Nervous. ---><--- .Nervous. I love going there, used to have a vacation house there too.
  6. Congartulations! Nah, just kidding. We better start recruiting people to play NH2 and make a video of it so we can laugh at their girl-ish screams. I would *SO* volunteer for that.