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  1. The single highest quality mod I have ever played. Lots of great jump moments, loved the characters and the part where you're pacing back and forth in that basement area was genius - I screamed outloud when I looked up to see her! This was really fun to play through and the story was really high quality! Puzzles like having to use your hearing in the dark without the flashlight to find your way and the brilliant voice acting behind the announcer and the SWAT team made this a fucking fantastic experience - I've recommended this mod to all my friends and I'm going to play it again right now! (Being a mapper myself I can appriciate all the hard work and creativity that must have gone into making this masterpiece - well done to everyone involved, you've done a great job!)
  2. Is there an ETA for the official release?
  3. So what exactly is the situation with the server, if you don't mind me asking - is there a vague ETA or something?