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  1. Are you new to english? Also, I don't think thats a mistake. They saw Johnson get pulled into that airvent and only his gun came out. So they really thought he was dead. During the game, when you get split up from the SWAT, you find Johnson somehow. But then he dies from... acculty, we never knew how he died. We just saw him on the floor dying, then died. And the SWAT probably asked that just to make sure sorry if my english is bad. anyway, Hen said he was just lazy to fix the sound. so yes it is a mistake. the SWAT guys didn't saw him being killed or die. just missing. he's MIA not KIA. and because johnson is not with you, the SWAT guy is talking like you probably didn't saw him. edit: I DESERVE EVERY $ I PAID FOR THIS GAME! and because it's free i get 0$. lucky me!
  2. WOW! first of all, I have to say. AMAZING! this mod is prefect. way better then F.E.A.R. I't gave me something to do every minute i played. not just to shoot some bed guys. WOW! any way, I FOUND A MISTAKE!!! in the start of chepter 6. the SWAT leader is talking on the radio with the chooper about aborting the mission. he says they have one civilian (you) and one KIA (as for Killed In Action, referes to johnson). and after thet one SWAT guy is saying "You didn't see johnson have you?". why doe's they refer to johnson as KIA if they don't know where he is? they shold refer him as MIA (as for Missing In Action). I don't think any of the SWAT team know johnson was dead. so why the KIA and not MIA? Even the mighty Hen Mazolski do some mistake's. I DESERVE A REFUND!!!