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  1. There's a lot of people doing commentaries and playthroughs for NH2.
  2. I really like the idea you've got going, and I'm interested in writing. I'm an experienced writer, and I've been writing a few years. I've been interested in working with a mod team for a long time, and I'd love to be a part of this. I could show you a few examples of my work, though my writing style now may be a bit more refined than what I could provide on the spot. Just reading through your idea, I'm formulating some good ideas for a plot and I'd love to work with you. Unfortunately, I'm not a technical modder, (I don't have any experience in programming or level design. [Though I'm hoping to begin learning those skills, and this might also be a good way for me to start on that as well.] ) but like I said I'm a writer and would love to help with creating a plot for this project.
  3. Ghost Plays NH2 Ep. 6 is out.

  4. I'm going to assume you didn't catch the reference.
  5. Nightmare House 3 could take place on the moon.
  6. I finally convinced a friend of mine to sit tight with me so I could finish my narrative commentary, Ghost Plays, of Nightmare House 2 and recorded the last ten episodes tonight, effectively finishing the game. It was hard at some parts, because I would use cl_drawhud 0 to hide my HUD and then it would randomly appear at certain points in the game, but I got past that. I found that if I had someone listening (While muted.) on Skype while I narrated I could control what I was saying and stay in character throughout the whole time, and could get feedback at the end of each recording, which was awesome. I had promised myself I'd finish the series while playing the game for the first time so I could have the best reactions throughout, and I think that really showed: The part with the dummies... Those fucking dummies. "What do you mean, 'thumbs-up'? Oh, now you unlock the door? Thanks a lot you di-- OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK." There were so many parts that got me, especially the tunnel that slowly closed on you. I got so confused as to how to progress when it was just the size of a box that I stopped the episode recording and decided I'd figure it out before going on so as not to create a dull point in the episode. I was casually chatting with someone and suddenly I look up... Son of a bitch, I wish I had done that in the episode: My reaction was fucking priceless. NH2 was fantastic, it's going to be hard to find a new singleplayer mod, or even game for that matter, that'll be as fun to do a narrative commentary of. Congratulations to everyone on the team, I really wish I was older and had more experience so I could work with you guys or a similar team of your excellence. But for now, I'll remain the happy-to-play-and-act gamer.
  7. Episodes four and five are out. The first nine were already recorded, so keep in mind that all suggestions you guys have given me will be incorporated come the tenth episode. (:
  8. Not me directly, but I'm one of the staff members at and I work with those guys. Also, episode three is out, you can find a link to it in the OP.
  9. Thanks. Like I said I know there's a lot of swearing, but that's partly because I needed some filler dialogue since I had played through that part and known almost everything that was going to happen, and partly because I legitimately got scared by the parts I didn't expect. I'm hoping for it get better over time, but thanks for the feedback. Same to you, .exeC EDIT: Part two has been uploaded, you can find a link in the OP.
  10. After picking up Nightmare House 2, thanks to ModDB's mod spotlight, I began to consider doing a sort of narrative Let's Play! for Nightmare House, after enjoying the prologue so much. I wanted to do a video series of me playing through the game, acting as if I were the protagonist. (Similarly to video series like Freeman's Mind, rather than normal commentaries that are more third-person rather than first-person narrated.) I recorded the first nine or so episodes in a single sitting (After fiddling with my recording software and playing through the prologue ten times over.), and I'm working on improving on the parts people have already told me were lacking or not very entertaining. I'm aware of the inane amounts of swearing and some other issues, and I'm hoping that I can resolve this as time goes on. But, truthfully, this game scares the hell out of me and I tend to swear incessantly when I get spooked. But I hope you guys enjoy it, and this is also sort of my way of thanking We Create Stuff for their hard work and the creation of this amazing mod. Episode One. Episode Two. Episode Three. Episode Four. Episode Five. Episode Six. I'll update this thread as time goes on and more episodes come out. Please, feel free to give me constructive criticism. I want to improve this series as time goes on and really make it enjoyable for a wider number of people, so all your suggestions and criticism will help. Thank you.