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  1. Yes i watched a video walkthrought and I did everything >> Got inside the room>> took the axe >>> saw some blood >> opened the door and I was ready to kill him (maybe he knew that that's why he doesn't stand up xD) Well lets hope Hen knows a solution ... thanks for your reply man
  2. Yes , I stood in front of the door and pressed the 'E' button the thing (i dont know whats called) moved but the door doesnt open. Well thanks anyway mate ... EDIT: I tried it again after re-installing NH2 , but it stuck again so I opened the console to see whats missing and I saw this just after using the door , hope its gonna help you out helping me - Precache called on a point_template that has no templates: chef_maker Precache called on a point_template that has no templates: janitor_maker
  3. I played the first NH and it worked like a charm and now I started playing Nh2 and it worked perfect until the part where you need to get the Axe and when you turn to open the door nothing happens , the door doesnt open and the zombie chef doesnt stand up to attack you. I can countinue the game using the Noclip cheat but i just want to AXE that zombie . I know its my fault... maybe I didnt installed it correctly or the install exe was corrupt , I dont really know!> thats why im here . Thanks for the help