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  1. frostwyrm333 received reputation from Dune Jumper in Ideas for Chapter 2?   
    I would like to see infected people who are not yet zombified, but something in between. Crazy aggressive, with some thinking capability.
  2. frostwyrm333 received reputation from Dune Jumper in Ways to support Underhell   
    I am also surprised that there was no coverage whatsoever. Almost all results on youtube are about house from prologue. The trailer also doesn't tell much about the game TBH.
    Little article on RPS would help, they actually mentioned underhell couple of times.
  3. frostwyrm333 received reputation from Ethan795 in confusion   
    Hi, I just finished the mod and it is great. The problem is I don't think I actually understand any of it
    I can't put together the SWAT/house/dreams parts of game in my brain, I know that this was just the prologue, but still...