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  1. No real console commands besides ent_fire, if you are on a map with a card, type "ent_fire <card type/name here> use", which will "use" the card like as if you were picking it up.
  2. In the first butcher encounter you only have a melee weapon(aka a rusty pipe), even if the butcher was not infected, granting him superpowers, his long blade would still give him the edge in combat. Also he looks pretty manly tough to me. Weird how Jake is still able to kill normal infected instantly by hitting them in the head. The second butcher story-wise has a metal plate in his head, which doesn't sound impressive at first. However, considering that the infected might not feel pain at all and the butchers use a charge attack, gut-shots would just be a waste of time. Now of course you could wonder why firearms don't penetrate the metal plate, but since the game plays in a prison, the chances are high the only ammo type anywhere is Jacked-Hollow-Point, meaning the bullets have low penetration(and also do more knockback/damage on targets). Heads themself are hard enough to penetrate(unless shot from the back or any other weak spot). Actually, I think the most reasonable answer is this: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GameplayAndStorySegregation aka story-wise Jake just simply doesn't kill them directly and Mxthe didn't bother giving the players an option. Is anyone missing the good old SMOD wall penetration system by the way? I can't remember Underhell having any kind of that(except glass), but then again I didn't play Underhell for a long time now. Edit: Nope, I think Underhell actually has a penetration system to some degree, but I can't remember how it worked exactly.
  3. I love such features. Winning a gunfight with 5 health left so you can go corner camping (just to get instant killed anyways) is just boring. Dieing after winning a gun fight with 5 health is heroic. I love it to die in video games, seriously.
  4. Only the Moddb page he posted that the player can do that, pretty much Metal Gear Solid style, just with limited respawning enemies, but the player might change something from the storyline doing so.
  5. The kicking was standart on SMod (modded HL2 which the prolog is based on), only the damage and power was changeable. The new Capter 1 uses his own 'engine' now, so kicking might be a lot different by now.
  6. You cannot activate bullettime in Underhell manual as far I can remember. This is even controlled by a SMod cvar which disables bullettime in all maps but the one with the bullettime scene.
  7. The news on Moddb are pretty cool aswell, it tells really a LOT about the enemy AI and also reveals a bit of changelog with interesting features (bleeding, stamina).
  8. I like how you don't lose when they actually see you.
  9. He posted on Moddb a comment: "Is 10 hours too long for a mod?" So he either supports off-topic on his mod page or, most likely, the mod is actually 10 hours long.
  10. I saw it in a video, but I can't find it again. The scare itself is harmless, just some random trash props inside a room with some message commenting it and scary music. It's one of those harmless "scares" which I really like, it doesn't make you scared, just confused.
  11. I got that scare multiple times actually. Only scare I didn't see so far is the one where see walks towards you in the kitchen and the one with the random pile of trash inside one of the rooms.
  12. 1. No reaction, no matter what, actually she's in that scene just a torso headcrab zombie. Also when you are inside your weapon get removed every like 15 seconds anyways. 2. You and she would be able to get out because the door is gone, the reason why the door is locked is just to make the player more scared. 3. Unless you are going to delete everything or use a lot of "ent_fire", console commands won't prevent scares. I don't even know why someone would want to fuck so much with the game/map. The only interesting thing to explore with cheats is the room at the right of the stairs.
  13. You cannot get banned for playing a source engine mod. Also Underhell doesn't need HL2 or any of the other episodes to run, just download Underhell and run it. As far as I know, Valve doesn't even care if you hack on singleplayer games(don't do it, though).
  14. But the new ob source engine is free, too.
  15. I don't think you need a game at all to play it as the source engine is now free at steam, unless the mod needs a special source game to start up. I don't own any game on steam and play can Underhell.