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  1. You still won't be able to play the game since there are more crashes up ahead.
  2. Keep in mind that you will get crashes in the game aswell, this will not fix everything about the game. But indeed, this fixes a few problems.
  3. Already done man, you won't get it to work no matter what. :/
  4. Apparently i did not get it to work :/
  5. I have the same issue, i tried to fix it in different ways, like: Pasting all ep2's core files to the mod directory using GCFscape. Result: Perfect launch, but crashes in the very first chapter once you get a gun for the first time. Pasting all ep2's core files to the same directory the pak formats were in "the more *efficient* format conversion". Result: No change afterwards, but i forgot it were in the directory "Common files" so i tried something else. Pasting all ep2's core files to the ep2 directory in the account folder. Result: no change, still crashing. This is really troublesome, i miss playing the game, ALLOT!