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  1. Alright so I looked into the crashes a bit more and loaded a new game in a new chapter of the game and it crashed in another spot in the game. It appears that the game is now crashing whenever the game is actually supposed to say "Loading" to load a new portion of the map/game. So any suggestions to fix this problem so that the game will load all of its areas properly without crashing?
  2. Well I followed the instructions and got everything to work properly in the beginning. No crashes, everything loaded perfectly.. Until I got to the part in the Hospital in that security room before you go up the elevator from the psychiatric floor in the basement.. Also known as the room where you first get the pistol and Emily stares at you through the window until you leave the room.. The game always crashes right after I grab the pistol and the monitors in the room light up one by one when the last monitor lights up the game crashes... Why?? Any suggestions??