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Official Mod Thread: Investigative Journalism(Under Development)**HELP WANTED**

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The year is 2068. Things have changed.(LOL MUTANT RAMPAGE: BODY SLAM REFERENCE.)

Cops wear protective suits and masks.

Civilians have hardly any rights.

The government is oppressive and secretive, and its police force is the same.

the player is with the media, and he is doing an investigation into a brutal murder in the downtown district. When the cops refuse to tell him anything, he decides to do his own investigation into the house. However, he is trapped in the house by the government when he learns that they were using the house to develop a means of mind control. The player has learned too much. The government has ordered him disposed of. Escape the house alive.

Created by Ian Shields

Weapon list:


Type:Improvised Weaponry

Use:Tool, weapon

Clip size:0





Clip Size:16



Type:High Explosive


Clip Size:5


Enemy List



Weaponry:Pistol,H&K MP7, Surgical Strike Unit

Danger level:Varies


Type:Genetically Engineered Parasite

Weaponry: Bite, Claws

Danger level:Medium in great numbers, low on their own


Type:Viral Mutant

Weaponry: Claws, Thrown Objects

Danger level:Medium for normal, High for fast, OH SHI- for Poison.

"The Project"



Danger level:OH SHI-

Interacting With Objects:


You can read books to get information on things. A good example is in one part of the game, you need to enter the laboratory to find out what the "project" is. A book you can find will tell you where the key is hidden. This is aimed towards being a realistic mod; you will not find bazookas and combat shotguns lying in a room next to a body. You will be using realistic weaponry for your station in life; A pistol and a crowbar, and a smg1.

Investigative Journalism is an singe-player action/horror mod I am working on. I am open to assistance; What I could use currently is a Modeler and possibly a voice actor. If you are interested, post here or email me some samples of your work @ [email protected] .

NOTE: This is a non-profit project. I have no money to pay you, so if you want to be payed, PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME. YOU WILL BE DENIED.

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Well, I'm not 100% sure, but I think that if you just place the new model where the old model was, it would work...

I think...

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