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Nightstalker said:

I have some ideas for nightmare house 2 :
I hobe you understand my pictures :D

I hobe so too :ftwtf: it's hope :ayeaye:
and it's written 'Through'

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Nightstalker said:

I have some ideas for nightmare house 2 :

1. Nice idea. A similar idea was suggested in the team, but combined some story effects which I can't quite tell you about just yet :)
2. Fixed the page width.
3. I love Paint creations. They simply rocks.

Thanks :D

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Ido said:

Nightstalker said:

I have some ideas for nightmare house 2 :

1. Nice idea. A similar idea was suggested in the team, but combined some story effects which I can't quite tell you about just yet :)
1. Fixed the page width.
3. I love Paint creations. They simply rocks.

Thanks :D

They simply rock. NO S AFTER ROCK!!! I love annoying people :ayeaye: you should make that 'emoticon' the same but with the tooth, to replace :D

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@ Neat-Nit - Indeed, that's how it is posting a message after a 3 hours of sleep at night.

@ Nightstalker - rofl. But who told you you'll play Gordon in NH2 anyway? ::'

But OK, enough of these pictures. We'll leave them for another thread, shall we? This is the "Ideas Needed" thread, reminding all of you :eyes:

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I dont think they can impliment new enemies, i found not 1 mod witch have new enemies and is still released jet. :wink2: The work on a new one is much harder then most peolpe think, you have to make a good loking model, animations, sounds, and many many work on coding, the KI alone would take months of work :wink:

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Nightstalker said:

I dont think they can impliment new enemies, i found not 1 mod witch have new enemies and is still released jet. :wink2: The work on a new one is much harder then most peolpe think, you have to make a good loking model, animations, sounds, and many many work on coding, the KI alone would take months of work :wink:

AI not KI

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I know how to add new NPCs, I have a another mod that I worked on and there are 4 new NPC's in it.

But in NH2 there are no new NPCs (YET), only modified, zombies without headcrabs for example.

And Neat-Nit, stop patronizing, its pissing me off.

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Whoa I haven't posted in a while

Here are a couple more(they are probably hard to do though)

Maybe you could have a scene where the lights go out,then you see shadows of what looks like thousands of zombies waiting for you,you walk closer then the lights flicker on and then shadows disappear.short idea

Another one maybe you could have a scene where you get knocked to the ground by something and then thrown threw a window.Maybe the player gets captured.


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Have a person stuck in a sealed room pounding on the door for help as shadows slowly close on them, until the whole room is too dark to see into.

Also, do what FEAR did and have some sort of cue to let the player know that more is coming, like the lights flickering or something like that. It ups the tension a lot.

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This was one thing I was thinking of. A dark area..not much known about it. You have to go and find something..I don't know a diary a book..something. And there is a hallway and to the sides there are rooms with their doors open (quiet a bit). Your just walking through and as you pass by one there is this shadowy figure with two glowing eyes GLEEMING AT you. The player just stops walking in the hallway. Heart frozen. Walks back..slowly to find out what was in that room and there is nothing there but an open window. The player walks to see whats in the window but nothing is there. He turns around in the room and as he is doing that he turns to the door he just came from and in the room there is a mirror. In that mirror he sees himself and the figure right beside him. If the player turns to see that "thing beside him". Make a trigger that sends out a HUGE LONG roar that defens the player and makes him fall down (screen shake included) causing things just to break and be overturned....Here is a screen shot to better dictate what I mean.





Also one thing I think we should have is..players usually think that clearing out an area will mean that "Coast is clear..phew". Ummm..No. I think you should have monsters lunging come at you from places you thought were cleared..aka having things very..unexpected (but not silly/completely random)

A couple of more things to note:

1. Don't give the players too much guns/ammo. It will make them seem safe.

2. Put emotion in the storyline, this only deepens the experience.

3. Make the gameplay diverse and give players what they love. I mean..at times its just mysteries and weird stuff going on at the corner of your eye and at other times its back against the wall with a shotgun against some random zombies that you didn't expect to come after you.

4. Its all about unexpected things. Doom 3 was WAY too predictable. Like I loved some of the scripted events but keep things dynamic. Remember in nightmare house 1 where there was a hallway full of furniture. EVERYONE and I mean everyone that played half life 1 and 2 would know..(sigh) time to get the crowbar out, but no one would know that a fast zombie would come CrAsHinG out after you!!!!

5. Make some moments where your being chased after something and there is a heavy breathing sound going on.

6. Add flashbacks or visions. Example, your travelling through a hallway and all of a sudden a HUGE event goes off like a strider crushes the building your in and it has its spot light on you and its going to step on you and right before you do. You flashback to where you were in the hallway. And your going to go through that area where the strider would/should crush. When you walk through it all you hear is a omni type evil laugh.

7. Lets focus on other scary techniques other games used. Remember in half life 2 when you first played Ravenholm in the demo or full game and you heard those fast zombies running on top of the buildings and howling in the night as you clutch your shotgun? Lets develop on that. Make the player feel insecure. We have to capture that moment.

8. Have an area with a painting of a person and have its eyes follow you..then maybe after have them bleed and have an opening in the wall where some zombies come out or something . .. .

9. If possible..have the zombies have different properties like in Doom 3. Have some that look dead but are actually alive. Have some that will be awaken by sound some light. (My friend once punched what looked like a dead zombie body on the ground and it woke up, scared the crud out of him)

10. Watch this video. It actually made my heart jump. Try putting an instance like this in the game.

http://video.google....ideoplay?docid= ... &plindex=4

11. Have instances where the player has a flashback of bad memories with all these sounds playing in his head..confusing him, morphing the environment to fit with what he saw/felt.

12. Look at this guy in this video. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=ArA39oGJUOk

He is literally in the game. He is immersed in the game. He feels like he is actually there and the levels should no feel..foreign to the player. They should really make the player feel like they are there.

13. Make an area where the player is obviously over whelmed and he is forced to hide in a small corner gripping his shotgun and aiming it at a door with 6 shells found in a drawer.

14. Don't give the player too much life..make it real like, one scratch will bring him down from 100 to 75. And scratch I mean, huge claws burring themselves lightly into your flesh.

15. If possible, make some monsters faster or slower than others (even if they are of the same type). This will make the game more dynamic. Having slow moving monsters isn't all that fun. I made a simple mod for Doom 3 making all the monsters and their animations faster, lower field of view, low run speed and slower mouse sensitivity. It was so fun/cool but then I over did it and it got ruined.

16. Make it so when your in a room or somewhere you can hear someone running/walking up the stairs even though you know no one should be home.

17.Put the player in some situations where a player knows an NPC wouldn't do this or that but it does! For example have an NPC look dead then actually wake up.

18. Make the enemies detailed so when you get up close and personal with them you can see the fury and horror in their eyes.

19. Be smart. Know that some players will get used the scare tricks and lets say there is a obvious situation where if a player goes here they will get scared. Instead of doing the obvious and putting the scare where they know, scare them ahead of time (when they don't expect it).

20. Its not what the player knows that scares him..but its what he doesn't know is what scares him.

21. The secret is to focus the players mind on something then all of a sudden invade that scene with something scary.

22. Have a part where your with your buddies/some people at night, just talking about scary stuff..stuff that really brings you close to them, then all of a sudden you see something out the window or something freaky that your friends don't see.


Warning, this will scare the crud out of you...seriously. Wow.

I know all this may seem a little difficult to do with Hammer but I think its doable..with all those triggers.

24. This is funny but cool and can be used as an idea:

25. Ok this is something that happened to me. I am not BS'ing you at all. This is real. I expected myself to be more scared but I ended up just standing still and telling myself slowly..."w..t...f.... ...". Ok I was just going up the stairs one night and the lights were completely off downstairs so I always run up them or at a quick pace. And when I reach half way I turn around and I see two things. One would be my room and the doors to the other rooms upstairs and obviously the downstairs area. But this time, when I looked up..I saw a shadow moving into my room. When I first saw it I did a quick self check just to make sure I am not seeing something weird but I clearly clearly remember seeing the shadow move into my room. I told myself "look..there it goes into my room. Clearly right there". Immidiatly after I brushed away the thought of something weird and though it was just my brother going into my room. I went upstairs and found nothing there. My brother and sister was in the opposite room on the computer. No where near my room.

**UPDATE** Going to bed after typing up this post I had a nightmare :D :|. I was basically in this room and I don't know why I was in there. Seemed I was looking for something then a wall started closing in on me and I heard a LOUD flipping scream. I couldn't tell if it was mine or if it was someone else's. :o

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alfaalex101 - what a post! I just finished reading all of it, and I think you've brought up awesome things.

Let me just comment on some of the things you noted:

1. True. We're gonna make sure the player will count every round that he has, and fight hard to reach any more ammunition discover finds on the way.

2. Don't worry - this time, and if may I say, unlike the first Nightmare House, the storyline is very detailed. It also relates to the first Nightmare House.

11. We've thought about having flashbacks a lot. Can't promise you anything yet, but you will say "wh- where am I?!" at some points. And once again, for a storyline reason.

22. We've thought about this one too, having another NPC in your nightmare, an NPC that actually shares the horror with you, or perhaps, treats you like nothing is around, as you said. Both will bring the mod something new.

(came out I commented on 1,2,11,22, how strange)

*Sending the thread to hen, because he thinks the forum's completely dead at the moment* But don't worry, considering the fact that this forum's alive only from announcing NH2 and having our (me and Hen) profiles on other websites linking here made all of this, I'm quite proud. In other words, it might take time, but one project release will already wake this board up.

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Just asked a bunch of people from Gametrailers.com forums about their ideas about a horror video game, this is their responses:

Feel free to warp the ideas to your liking, bolded text is an idea that I really like.

washd123: the black spider crabs scared the crap out of me. things that are disgusting are creepyer than things jumping out at you. thot both are better together

chasen123: for the horror ideas guy have like creepy disembodied voices and scary faces on the walls

The-Sovereign: How about this one. There is an haunted insane asylum and mental patients roam the halls. Your character is walking down a hall and sees a dispute going on between 2 mental patients. One guy is a guy in a straight jacket and saying quiet to nothing at all. The other crazy guy has a spear and he went crazy because the girl he liked didn't like him so now he is going to kill everybody in the world so he will have a 100 % chance to be with her. So the guy with the spear runs at the guy with the straight jacket and he impales the spear through the other guy's throat. The one with the spear then rams the spear into the ground. As the spear is in a vertical posture, the guy with the straight jacket is at the stop of the spear screaming in agonizing pain until he is dead. The guy with the spear then says ''one step closer to a perfect life''. Then he starts to run at the character and then...... Well is your game I just provided a horror idea.

Oh how about this one, a little 7 year old kid is very curios and he spots something that says ''Drink This''. The kid picks it up and its an oozing black gluey acid like substance in a container. The kid drinks it and immediately as the unknown substance goes down his throat it starts to eat away his insides. His voice box, his heart, his lungs, his eyes, and everything else. Very quickly the substance leaves nothing but the kid's 206 bones which most of it is dismembered from his spine. The substance made the bones all brown and weak giving the look that the skeleton has been aging for decades.

Is that horror enough for you ????

born2kill: 1) Invisible enemys or silloutted enemys. 2) Sounds like wolves howling, crickets chirping, ravens cawing, footsteps and dragging noises. 3) Dead bodies twitching for a while after they die. 4) Dead bodies posed in disturbing ways; like the severed head surounded by candle pose from friday the 13th 2, the meat hook pose from texas chainsaw massacre, tortured people strapped down into chairs like in hostel, people in stocks, racks, iron maidens, and other torture devices. 5) dead cats and dogs, skinned and gutted. or maybe live ones that look beat up and traumatized like the ones you see in those PETA vids about animal testing. 6) ghosts of children screaming, running, shaking in corners, climing ceiling and crazy stuff like that. 7) bloody family heirlooms thrown around, like jewerly, portraits, diaries, wedding dresses, etc. 8) small severed body parts lying around, like fingers, eyes, teeth, ears, flaps of skin, and maybe an intestines or two. and maybe some that are stored in jars w/ nasty brown liquids 9) plenty of mirrors, and perhaps a shadow that flashes in them in the peripheral vision of the character. 10) crazy graffiti, religious, and cult symbols which depict either evil, hateful stuff, or crys for help.

of course, what would be most disturbing would be scenes or implications of stuff like rape, canibalism, and murder of children. but thats probably more distracting than the more subtle scary stuff. so there you go, some horror ideas

adiel36: a enemy you only see if you fire the weapon the problem if you have no ammo you die

Deathvein: I've always thought that an old medieval dungeon would be a great setting.

gohan14: Disemboweled bodies hanging from trees or hooks telling you to turn around then out of nowhere a beast comes out swinging oversized hooks.

FamedGohan14(Xbox Live Gamertag)

Deathvein: Another idea just came to my head, and that is to incorporate the use of triggers into maps. It'll be able to startle many people.

Gameplayer2: You face an armada of zombies/demons/mutants while trying to escape and stay alive.

While doing this, you are hunted by an immortal creature that you can't hurt and can easily kill you.

washd123: shadowing helps. and jujst a creepy atmosphere along with a good soundtrack. FEAR sacrwed the shit out of me to the point where i turned around and saw my shadow in game and jumoped cause i thot it was a creature

viejodani: faces comming out of the walls and screaming. Better make it like unexpected for the player

also.. if you can make hands comming out of nowhere and grabbing the character's arms or head is priceless

schramble: darkness is always scary. And so is things jumping onto you and attacking you before you see them.

So there they are.

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I think the ideas and events should revolve around the definition of fear, so focus hard on these:

"impending danger, evil, pain, etc, especially dread to meet or experience the danger."

"This degree of fear often indicates that one has changed their normal behavior in radical ways, and may have become extremely compulsive."

"Thinking about a painful incident in the past projects the fear of having the pain repeated again in the future."

Once again, give ALOT of depth in the story because we don't want players mindlessly bunny hopping around the level and thinking this is some arcade experience. We want them to value their life in the game. We need to give it depth.

ex. The will to live in Quake 3 is much less than the will to live in a game like Max Payne (even though both games are fictional)

If you want to live you will fear. If you don't want to live then you won't fear and will just run into any pit of spikes.

They(People) can also become equally violent, and can even become deadly; it is an instinctive reaction caused by rising adrenaline levels rather than a consciously thought-out decision.

Physical (human) reaction because of fear:

Muscles used for physical movement are tightened and primed with oxygen in preparation for a physical fight or flight response.

The person's heart rate and heartbeat may increase.

Something I wish I could do..but only you can do. Its about the storyline. Just like how good movies have lots of emotions and experiences that you can relate to so do video games. Max Payne made you cry, laugh and get pissed at times. So try doing this. It is WELL worth the pain and definatly does something that other games don't do (making your mod stand out even more)

Go to this website:


Look carefully (to the right of the page)at the emotions you want in the game and then study them. Analyze them and carefully put them in the storyline and game. Make sure they seem believable. Good Luck :)

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Some more ideas

1. Use wisely the "heavy breathing" technique. When a player is in a certain situation play a heavy breathing sound or a heart pounding sound.

2. Another way to scare players is to always have them feeling insecure. Knowing that anything can happen. Example, look at the part in Doom 3 when the player was introduced to that cut scene. The player didn't expect that at ALL! Make it so ANYTHING can happen. I mean enemies will be coming out from any possible way, through the ceiling, tearing down things, through the floor/stairs, breaking down doors, clawing away at the outside of a room, smashing through windows ANYTHING!! Just not your typical horror fps .... Another way to make the player feel insecure is to put them in a situation the know they are insecure in. Like zombies slashing at different parts of a room and the player not knowing where to look or what to do. Or having a new monster come in or strange things happening ..with the lights all of a sudden closed.

4. Try having a friendly NPC by your side that you know well and have a certain attraction to (can be male or female) and then have them die in a horrible, really unexpected way. Probably by some massive NPC or something.

5. Don't put too many monsters in one spot... killing too many monsters will make the player feel as if the game is like Dead rising or Doom 1 or 2. Put lots of strategy in the game so the player has to think not just mindless and fearlessly kick down a door and start mowing down monsters.

6. I'd like to point two times when I was scared (some time ago) in the half life series.

-Remember in Half Life 1 where we saw barney get splattered by that huge green tentical in the blast pit? Yea that was freaky. What was freakier was having huge things clawing away at you and franticly crowbaring those damn metal planks to escape them. That scared the hell out of me. In nightmare house try having things getting destroyed all around you by something your trying to escape(but making sure that the player knows he/she is not safe and that this isn't just another scene thats supposed to scare them)

-This other time I was scared was in opposing force when I didn't want to go into this hole because a whole bunch of barnicles were there. It was so dark and getting caught by one and being eaten like that was so scary. Try using a concept like that. Like having a guy walking through a hallway with jail cells to the side with a whole flock of yellow eyes staring at the guy. Make one guy go in there and just get demolished. Your have to go through it next. .. . .

I loved various parts in Max Payne like when you would be put threw weird sick nightmares that at the same time made no sense and at the same time made sense. Each dream had a story behind it. When Max Payne is escaping the burning hotel, the player was just desperately jumping through everything he could find. Running anywhere while the fire was following right behind him while everything was exploding, sparks going off, walls breaking, flipped desks that he has to escape, walls closing paths OH MAN! It was amazing! That kind of feeling was so amazing and scary.

7. Once again put the player in situations he feel insecure. Like I remember in Doom 3 where 4 pinkies were after me! One came through a door and right after another through another door. Then after I killed those another respawned and another from another door! That was so crazy! I swear I was so freaked out having two of those fricking things after me. Jeeze.

8. WOW, try having a room where you can see & hear a clock ticking. And after you see it...you see it going backwards (counter clockwise) then spinning faster and faster, stuff happenning in the room then (insert scary event here)!!!!

9. Click on this link and go to the 12 second marker.

10. Ok, everyone knows the sound of a black guy going "Oh HELL no.."

Well thats the kind of effect we want the player to say at one point in time (or at least me).

11. I don't know if I posted this video before but it has lots of scare tactics that can be modified and used for NH2. http://video.google....videoplay?docid ... &plindex=2

(LOVE the one where the light is turned on and you see that face)

12. AHHAHAHA look at this guys face. We could use a scene like this (victim being a player)


13. LOLZ

This is a great. Here are some ideas you can use for easter eggs.

http://video.google....videoplay?docid ... &plindex=6

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Accept my apology, I was away for two weeks without mentioning so.

Once again we appreciate all of the ideas you guys threw at us, and we already know some of them will be combined in the storyline of NH2 :wink:

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Ok once again I really want to focus on the emotion idea. In my opinion I think its a great idea. The reason being is because the number one purpose of a video game (and video game) is to immerse the player and bring them into the game. Like you have to welcome the player into this environment and not just plant him in a arena like in Unreal tournament. This means making environments very believable and connecting the player with the character in the game and taking time to set the mood and get the player INTO this world. Now..in order to this..you obviously need good level design..lots of different sounds...monsters that don't move at lightning speed, bunny hop or appear in the millions. Believable things like those..but I think what would effect the player the most and tie him to the game and make him want to win is and not die (causing fear) would be giving having the player have different emotions and relations to the game.

ex. In Half-Life 2 I really really loved Alyx because she behaved in a certain way with Gordan Freeman. She saved his butt at times and showed concern at times, embarrassment, grief, gratitude, doubt, despair and more! She acted realistically.

It's the difference between spawning a person in Gmod and having him killed by a combine and the other hand having one of your long time allies (*cough* Alyx *cough*) get killed by an enemy.

Get it?

We should be putting situations in Nightmare House 2 where the player will feel:

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Anger: Anger is a psychophysiological response to pain, perceived suffering or distress, or threat thereof, which has been uncalled for or unjustly brought upon oneself or others, at least from a subjective viewpoint. A threat may be real, discussed, or imagined.

So have a situation where something will aggravate the player like have a weapon he NEEDS tossed away from him. Or have him ridiculed (somehow) and cause him to feel angry.

Mental Confusion: Severe confusion of a degree considered pathological usually refers to loss of orientation (ability to place oneself correctly in the world by time, location, and personal identity), and often memory (ability to correctly recall previous events or learn new material).

Despair: to be hopeless; to have no hope; to give up all hope or expectation

Disgust: Disgust is an emotion that is typically associated with things that are perceived as unclean, inedible, or infectious.

Doubt is uncertainty in the context of trust (where it takes the form of distrust), action, decision or belief.


Note: Make sure these feelings are not exaggerated or over used. If crammed together too much and not given some space in between then you'll get a flat movie like Spiderman 3. Lots of action, no feeling. Leaves people going in a weird mix of =| =S and :)

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Alongside all this I though I'd add some tutorials/pictures that might give you guys some more ideas/inspiration. Try follow the tutorials. They are free but not cheap. Its worth the extra effort learning them if you ask me.

Realistic Cracked Wall:


Colour Correction! (can make a SICK SICK effect like in FEAR)


Moving view (Cut scene effect)


Camera Tracking


Moving Light (can be used cleverly to make a freaky flashlight effect)


Breakable Boarded Door


Cube Maps (worth the pain)


Swinging Lights (can make a nice effect)


Custom Sounds (players are already accustomed to HL2's so this will bring something new in it)

http://www.snarkpit....editing.php?pag ... HL2&id=136

Proximity_Door (Door that opens when a player enters a certain area)

http://www.snarkpit....editing.php?pag ... HL2&id=191

Television Tutorial (maybe when you look at it, it shows a normal room but out of the corner you can barely see a small shadow move...its small things like these that make differences..)

http://www.snarkpit....editing.php?pag ... HL2&id=127

Things fall from the ceiling?

http://www.snarkpit....editing.php?pag ... HL2&id=207

My own little thing

Instead of using overlays to make a structure look like it has a window/whatever, try actually making the room with a window and different things in it. Its small things like these that make a difference!

Realistic Tunnel/Cave (just in case you want to)

http://www.snarkpit....editing.php?pag ... HL2&id=124

Volumetric Light Effect (make it a grey light..not sunshine happy kind of light)

http://www.halflifes....com/?page=tuto ... utorial=44

Breakable Padlock


Custom Normal Maps!!!! VERY VERY useful if you want to set the mood right!!!

http://www.snarkpit....editing.php?pag ... HL2&id=186

PS: Use this program called crazybump instead of the nvidia normal map filter!!! Trust me its a life saver and is much better than nvidias normal map filter!!!!!!!!! when..editing/making a normal map in ..photoshop that is


(omg that took a long time browsing all those tutorials...finishtime: +2 hours

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