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More realistic reload.

More realistic reload   26 members have voted

  1. 1. Should developers add an extra option - "more realistic reload" ?

    • Yes, "difficulty mode: insane"
    • Yes, "optional setting"
    • No
    • Whatever

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Of course if we want 100% realism for reloading firearms, we have to do many steps: removing the magazine from the pistol, inserting a cartridge into a magazine, inserting a magazine into the pistol, pulling back the slide, cocking the hammer, toggling the safety. (check game called "Receiver")

If you're using a revolver, for instance, you'll need to dump out all of your shells in order to reload, and then put in each new bullet individually.

I think it would be too much for this game...

If this is supposed to be a survival game, then why don't you have a reload feature where when you reload your current magazine, ALL the remaining bullets are left in the magazine and thrown away with the actual magazine? This might solve any feeling of safety with a full magazine and knowing you can just reload the second you've killed dude A.

We thought of this early in development and realized it would end up being more an annoyance than a cool feature, many players I know, including myself have an OCD of reloading every time we fire a few shots.
It's a very bad gaming habit educated by all the previous shooters, but one that is very hard to shake off.

But, some games have different reloading mechanic: Red Orchestra, Day of Defeat, Rainbow Six, Jagged Alliance, ARMA,.....


Anyway. I tried my best to recreate this: "ALL the remaining bullets are left in the magazine and thrown away".


I modified, I think, piece of code designed only for "firearms with magazines". So, shotguns should have "normal" reload mechanic. I created modified server.dll file. You can test it. Just place it inside this folder, overwriting existing file. You need Underhell version 1.2. Of course: DO BACKUP.
File location:

Download link:
virustotal scan report:
I played for 30 minutes without crash. Not tested on Win7 and Win8.

PS: TurkeyMasser, Dune Jumper, can you test it ?

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I'll give it a try.

If Mxthe was to officially add this, I'd rather it be an optional setting.


Verdict: I gave it a try and it works pretty nicely. I didn't notice any bugs. If you're looking for more realistic gunplay, I recommend you install this.

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Well, I hate losing my money, I hate losing my time, etc. But.

I think, IRL Jake would like to waste two or three bullets and load fresh magazine so he could quickly shoot 8 zombies in row. Keep in mind that if you press R key with 0, 1 or 2 bullets, you don't loose to much. If you pressed R key when having 29/30, it is your fault.



Consider this scenario:

Jake have 25 bullets left in the magazine and 6 zombies are running into him. Jake fires, first headshot, second headshot, then he decides to reload. (because Sam_Ja pressed R key).


Damn. Could you wait a while? I'm reloading! Jake thought bitterly.


Jake removes the magazine from the MP5. He start inserting 7 bullets. Carefully, first, second, third, ....

Om nom nom nom.





Btw. I have other idea. When we hear intense music (which indicates we are spotted) Jake will reload by throwing almost empty magazine and inserting fresh one. When he is not fighting for life, he can reload like Scrooge.

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Yeah, sure I will check it. I don't wont it to be force upon EVERYONE, but have a difficulty customization, if possible that is, but if not make the reload thing be a little tick box for it.

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Would be more realistic if you can loot the dropped ammo.

Retention reload is also nice, dump the half empty mag into a dump pouch(or inventory) for the ammo to be reuse latter,

but I imagine that will be to much work to be made possible.


Also moonclips are a good option for revolvers

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