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SCP: Source

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I was thinking, with the source code for Underhell released as well as the many similarities between the two games, I was thinking it would be a cool idea to make an SCP containment breach source remake. Underhell has a lot of elements that can be used for a project like this. Just take away the guns and it's practically the same. We also have plenty of models to look at for the NPCs. For the SCP personnel we have the scientist skins for the citizens. We have the CS:S GIGN models for the security officers and Nine-Tailed Fox, or we could even use the Underhell PMC models. We also have plenty of SCP maps made in source that are already out there. I imagine creating something like this should be fairly easy since the original SCP game is pretty simple in it's design. What does the community say? Can we earn our namesake by creating more stuff?

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