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Howdy !

I hope someone is reading this. I'm playing the latest version of Interlocked on Android (current december 2016).

Level 3-1 gives 3-stars rating for 14 moves. I can finish it in 12 moves.

Level 5-7 given 3-stars rating for 15 moves, I can finish it in 12 moves.

Level 5-8 given 3-stars rating for 18 moves, I can finish it in 14 moves.

Level 5-9 given 3-stars rating for 22 moves, I can finish it in 19 moves.

Each video shows my best solution and then a more redundant solution with extra moves but showing still the 3 start rating. Also notice, that I finished all levels in the 5th group in a quite relaxed way and still got the medal for a quick solve.

After playing the whole game, It seems that the 3-star rating is supposed only to be given for the best solution (least moves) therefore these levels should be updated. Also, please feel free to use my videos if you want to upload solutions elsewhere.

Thank you.

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Nice! You're definitely an Interlocked pro :)

Thanks for the detailed info and especially for the detailed videos. I'll update the numbers and they will probably go live with the next update.


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